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Evacuated tubes convert energy into heat energy and transfer to U metal tube by aluminium fin. The liquid(water or anti-freezing liquid) in the metal tube has been heated up by the ...
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Split and Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Structure of split and pressurized solar water heater:
#, Pressurized solar tank
#, Pressurized solar collector
#, Working station
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Vacuum tubes assimilate the advanced 12 layers of apattering deposition of rivalent element technology, high borosilicate glass, gradual change of SS-C/CU selective complex ...
Solar Collector
Newfriend Evacuated Tube Solar Collector(Thermal solar heating)
The Newfriend Solar Collector or Solar Water Heater is a device that absorbs thermal energy from ...
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CE split solar water heater
A. Module design, arbitrary combination, harmonize with the building perfectly
B. Intelligent control and automatic operation
C. Anti-freeze: Using ...
Split pressure solar water heater features:
Evauate solar collector tube: Made of high-borosilicate glass, with aluminum absorption layer of magnetron sputtering
Speciation: ...
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Material of Model:
1. The heater pipe is made of red copper TU1+water, transfer power>150W, working pressure: 4MPa, welding pressure: 4MPa
2. Vacuum tube: Tri-element, high boron ...
1. Material &Thickness of Frame: Aluminium Alloy & 2.75mm
2. Material of insulation: Polyurethane foam & aluminium silicate
3. Thickness of insulation: 35mm (polyurethane foam) ...
Separated solar water heater Feature:
Split solar water heater Collector separates with storage tank. The tank can be put in any place of house. And the collector can be put on ...
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The Flexible Solution
Complete solar hot water package - including 2, 4 and 6m2 collector kits, heat transfer system, full range of installation accessories and choice of solar ...
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Non pressure solar water heater:
Easy to install and service
Vacuum tube solar water heater:
A) Vacuum Tube:
1. Evacuated Tube: Tri-element tube; High boron and sillicon ...
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Solar Water Heater
Solar Collector
Pressure Solar Water Heater
Unpressurized Solar Water Heater
Split Solar Water Heater
Flat Panel Water Heater

1 Products Features and ...
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Solar water heater

Integrative non-pressure solar water heater is a kind of solar water heating system that solar collector and storage are connected together with ...
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Solar water heater, solar collector introduction
Label: Solar water heater, solar collcetor
Solar water heater Features:
1) Stable and reliable performance and well wind ...
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Non-pressure solar water heater

Capacity: 90Litre -360Litre (24Gallon-95Gallon)
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, CCC, ISO14000
Maximal working pressure: 2bars

1. ...
Solar Water Heater feature:
Reliable, efficient, twin-glass solar tubes
1. Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
2. Easy plug-in installation
3. Maintenance Free
4. ...
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China solar water heater, non pressure solar water heater, solar hot water heater, solar energy water heater, solar products, small solar water heater
Model: SJL-NP
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Multi-function Solar Water Heater With Enamel Tank

Advantage: Against hard water

Separate Pressurized Solar Heating System (Longquan solar) contains three main parts: Solar ...
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Split pressurized solar water heater, split pressurized solar collector. Solar collectors. Solar thermal collector
Working Principle:
1. When the temperature of heat collector ...
1) The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid; Water can′t flow in the vacuum tubes and is operated when confined; The crust uses ...
1. Inner tank: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel 1.20+/-0.05mm;
2. Outer tank: A-grade color steel 0.40+/-0.05mm;
3. Heat Preservation layer: Imported PU 55mm;
4. Working ...
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Split pressure solar water heater features:
Evauate solar collector tube: Made of high-borosilicate glass, with aluminum absorption layer of magnetron sputtering
Speciation: ...
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The heat pipe is hollow with the space inside evacuated, much the same as the solar tube. Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of purified water and some special additives. The ...
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Split pressure solar hot water geyser heater

1. The split solar water heater is composed by heat collector, storage tank, controller, working station and ...

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